What you see on the photos are the actual products you will receive.  That being said, we will ONLY accept returns for reasons like INCORRECT ITEM, DEFECTIVE/DAMAGED ITEM, AND SELLER ERRORS.  For reasons like BUYER'S REMORSE, CHANGE OF MIND, BUYER'S DISLIKE, BUYER'S ERRORS, we will not accept a return.

When you receive your order, we highly recommend that you check if the item is correct or not.  If you receive an incorrect item or design, we will either refund or replace it.  We strongly advise that you contact us directly at support@keikoandkritters.com or use our CONTACT US page to report the problem ASAP.

In your message, please attach a photo showing the condition of the item, which will serve as a proof. 

If you receive a defective or damaged item, we will either refund or replace it.  Again, we will need a proof of damage or defect.  You will need to contact us directly at support@keikoandkritters.com or use our CONTACT US page to report the problem ASAP.  

In very seldom circumstances, for some other reasons, WE may accept return requests for NON-DEFECTIVE ITEMS, but STRICTLY for a store credit only.  However, it will be at our discretion (the Seller).  In this case, the buyer will need to send the original items back to us (the Seller), and the buyer will cover the return shipping cost.